Reclaiming Your Animal


To Reclaim Your Pet

If your pet came into KHS as a stray, you may reclaim it by coming to the shelter during open hours: 

Every day except Tuesday: 12:00 – 5:30

Thursday: 12:00 – 6:30

Tuesday: 12:00 - 5:30 (FOR RECLAIMING ANIMALS ONLY)
(Enter the shelter through the Admissions door on the right side of the building)


Pet Reclaim Fees

Impound fee: $45

Boarding fee: $20 per night

Vaccination fee: $45

Microchip fee: $30 (residents of unincorporated Kitsap County only)

Veterinary fees: Cost of any emergency veterinary care if provided


Don’t delay: Animals become available for adoption after 72 hours! 

When stray animals come into KHS, we make every effort to locate and notify the owner (by using the microchip, license or rabies tag if any of these are present). We post all stray animals on and on our Found Pet phone recording (360-692-6977 ext. 3005). Owners must come into the shelter to identify and reclaim their pets. We cannot identify animals over the phone. 

If we are able to contact the owner, the owner has 7 days to come in and reclaim his or her animal. After 7 days, the animal will usually be made available for adoption. 

If we are unable to locate or contact an owner, animals are generally held for 72 hours and then made available for adoption. The “stray hold” times for animals are specified in Kitsap County animal control ordinances as follows:

- Unlicensed dogs and cats are held for 72 hours

- Licensed dogs and cats are held for 7 days

- Litters of puppies and kittens (under 7 weeks old) are held for 24 hours

If your animal comes in to KHS as a stray

As the designated Animal Control agency in Kitsap County, KHS is required by county or local ordinances to pick up, care for, shelter, vaccinate, and provide emergency medical care for stray animals. Our contracts with Kitsap County and local municipalities authorize us to charge impound, boarding and vaccination fees to cover the cost of these services. Kitsap County ordinances also require us to microchip the stray animals we impound that reside in unincorporated Kitsap County and to collect a fee for implanting the microchip. The redemption fees are listed above.

Care Provided: While your animal is here (unless you reclaim it on the day it was brought in), it will receive food, housing, daily care and socializing from our staff and volunteers. If necessary, your pet will receive emergency veterinary care (at KHS or at an emergency animal hospital).

Vaccinations: KHS is required to vaccinate all animals against common diseases. We have no way of knowing whether a stray pet has been vaccinated. We vaccinate each stray animal as soon as it comes into the shelter to protect it from diseases that may be carried by other animals that are here and to protect the many other animals at the shelter. We vaccinate dogs against rabies, distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza, parvovirus, and bordatella. We vaccinate cats against rabies, upper respiratory virus, and panleukopenia. We give flea treatment to both dogs and cats. There is no danger to your animal in receiving these vaccines even if it was recently vaccinated.

Fees: The pet redemption fees above cover only a portion of our cost to collect, care for and treat stray animals. Please note that as the local Animal Control authority, KHS also can issue citations to owners of stray animals. The first time an animal is picked up as a stray, and if there are no stray animal complaints leading to the animal’s collection, KHS likely will not issue a citation. However, subsequent collections can incur both costly fees and citations. Citations average $156, but can be as high as $300 for a first offense on Bainbridge Island to $394 for a third offense in Bremerton or unincorporated Kitsap County.

Pet owners are encouraged to leash or contain their pets both to protect their animal and to avoid costly redemption fees and citations.