Current Volunteer Opportunities

Be a part of the Kitsap Humane Society Volunteer team!  

Review our list of current volunteer opportunities below.

Follow the directions on Become A KHS Volunteer to apply!

Applications include the program application and a volunteer agreement (part of the same document).  A $30 volunteer fee is due at time of submission.

Applications will be acknowledged by email within two weeks. Don't forget to check your spam folder for our response!

We are currently accepting Volunteer Applicants (ages 16+) for all opportunities listed in blue below.  Click on the assignment to see a brief description.  Some opportunities may have additional age restrictions. 

If you are between the ages of 13 and 15, please see the Youth Volunteer Team Positions at the bottom of the page.  You must be at least 13 years of age to volunteer at KHS.

If you are interested in applying for more than one position, please fill out one application for your first choice. We can talk about your additional interests during the orientation.

Animal Care Program:  

*Volunteers should be at least 16 years old for most Animal Care assignments, including Dog Walking.


Canine Behavior Program:  

*Some positions have age restrictions.

Community Cats Project, Port Orchard:



Special Events

Crate Cleaning 


Customer Service Program:  

Customer Service Assistant

PAWS Greeter 


Feline Program:  

Cat Socializer


Foster Program:  Foster Care volunteers must also complete all steps listed on the Foster Care page.

KHS is always looking for foster care volunteers!  Please use the Volunteer drop-down menu above and select Foster Care to learn more!


Vet Services Program:  If applying for vet services, please indicate your experience level on your application.


Adoption Outreach Program:


Are you an Olympic College student who would like to gain job experience at KHS? Click HERE to find out more about internship opportunities for OC students.


Are you a youth volunteer between the ages of 13 and 15?

You are welcome to volunteer with us as a team with a parent. You and your parent must attend all trainings and volunteer for your position together.



Ready to Apply to our Volunteer Program?

Please visit our "becoming a KHS volunteer" page to read about the application process and to download the application.

Click HERE to visit the "becoming a KHS volunteer" page.